The crown jewel in our feeding program is a product by Grand Meadows: Grand Premium Plus offers maximum support for our horses, covering joint, hoof, tendon/ ligament, digestive/ immune, skin/coat as well as vitamins and minerals, all at high concentrations.
Originally located on 13-acres in Comer GA, BlackWatch Stables expanded in 2012 to include a 106 acre farm five miles away in Danielsville. It has been/is a slow process, but we are building out the new property with an eye toward providing our horses with a healthy, safe environment with plenty of room to move, and for us, an efficient and attractive layout.  
We have been feeding Grand Premium Plus at half-strength for years now and the changes in our horses have been noticeable. Their hooves are in better condition than they have ever been, they are utilizing their food more efficiently, moving better, looking better. . . The list goes on and on.  The added bonus is that we have stopped feeding separate joint, coat, gut and hoof supplements, etc. We couldn't be happier with Grand Premium Plus. It has had a noticeably positive impact on our horses, while saving us time, money and eliminating waste. 
Both farms feature multiple 3-8 acre pastures, each with paddocks and run-in sheds to separately house two to three horses. Given the climate in Georgia, we feel that this allows our horses the healthiest possible environment, both physically and mentally, where they are out all day, every day (except in inclement weather) and in paddocks at night where they have shelter without being confined to a stall. 

Expansion of the facility is an ongoing process. We have completed a 100'x200' covered riding arena and with an attached 40'x125' center aisle stable with European stalls, two grooming/wash racks, laundry and formal tack room. We continue to fence additional pastures and paddocks to allow for expansion and rotation. Future plans include an outdoor arena and permanent jump chute.

Black Watch Stables, LLC

As every horse owner knows, one size does not fit all when it comes to horses and one of the biggest problem areas is nutrition. The trick is to be able to find quality products that allow you to provide exceptional nutrition to a broad range of animals efficiently and at a reasonable cost.  We are pleased to say that we have found a feed and supplement combination that does exactly that:  Seminole Wellness and CryptoAero feeds and Grand Meadows Grand Premium Plus supplement.
In addition to the Seminole Wellness line of feeds, we utilize Crypto Aero Wild Forage as a base, fed wet, when we wish to add hydration in hot or cold weather. Further, it's low NSC makes it an ideal choice for use with "easy keepers", and those with metabolic issues. We also use Crypto Aero Restore Mash & Mix, an all-natural mash mixture, to help avoid dehydration colic in our nursing mares during the hot Georgia summers. We are beyond happy to have these tools available to help us keep our horses happy and healthy!

Horse Care


Seminole Wellness Grow Right has worked out incredibly well for our youngsters and pregnant mares. Wellness DynaSport has provided ample cool cool calories to our working horses and has been very useful in adding and maintaining weight in horses that have a problem keeping weight on. Add in Wellness Senior for our grand dames, and we have a compact yet effective range of traditional feeds in our feeding program.